In addition to our unique extrusion capabilities, we offer a wide range of inline secondary services that can be used for free or at a cost. We can assure that customer parts and products are ready for post-production use by providing these services like cut to length, notching, slitting, custom packaging.

Additional Cost services

For additional cost we also provide additional services.
Deburring: After the manufacturing operations (e.g. milling, drilling, grinding, etc.) excess materials may be left on the part. These unwanted pieces are known as burrs or flash and this process is referred to as deburring. They are classified into 4 types based on their creation: roll-over burrs, tear burrs, cut-off burrs and poison burrs.
Drilling: Drilling is used to make holes and notches on manufactured parts.
Embossing: using embossing three dimensional patterns can be added to the surfaces . A variety of standard and custom pattern designs are accommodated, such as wood grain or pebble finish, to suit different functional and aesthetic requirements.
Assembly/packaging: We can assemble and package extrusions as per customer specifications and also we offer limited packaging and assembly capabilities on a case-by-case basis.

Double Back Tape Application

Plastic extrusions can be installed in many ways but the double back tape is the most effective and easy to use solution. One side of the tape is affixed with the plastic extrusion surface and the other to the installation surface.
Double back tape can have a number of advantages than other methods which are listed as below.
1) Less labor work and less effort to use.
2) Forms an instant bond.
3) Generates less mess than using contact adhesive applied from a cartridge.