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Many industries need Plastic tubing’s which is a versatile material made from molten polymer plastic. Industries such as medical, food and beverage, construction sectors use different type of plastic tubing’s to make long-lasting systems.

For a successful project its also essential to choose the right characteristics, materials and design modifications of the plastic tubing’s. Here in Poly Extrusions Inc we helped many industries to complete their projects with very high standers.
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Plastic Extrusion:- It is the most efficient and commonly used. Majority of the industries use the extruded plastic products and plastic tubes.
Manufacturers load the main ingredient which is a polymer resin, which is referred to as nurdles, pellets, granules, flakes, or powder. These are fed into a hopper mounted on the extruder’s barrel.
The resin descends the feed throat of the hopper into the barrel that has a screw that moves the resin towards the die. During its movement down the barrel, pushed along by the screw, the resin is slowly heated to a melting temperature. Extrusion uses highly technical equipment to control the temperature, speed, force, tension, and time of the process.
The die forces the molten plastic into a specifically shaped hole, and the plastic cools into lengths of plastic tubing. From there, manufacturers can cut the tubing to length, package it, and ship it.
Flexible and rigid tubing is formed using the extrusion process.